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A revolutionary golf ball; designed for the Uneekor QED Golf Simulator. The Urethane Unicorns Golf Ball provides the spin around the greens that the Uneekor Bridgestone balls don't. 

A 3-dot pattern is applied during the manufacturing process, unlike other ball brands that apply their patterns "post-process". This makes the pattern very durable and the balls actually crack before the pattern wears out (similar to the bridgestone balls).


Urethane Unicorns 3-Piece UNEEKOR QED Marked Ball Review

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Reviews and Testimonials

After hitting wedge shots and drivers with the ball I have to say it held up well and the numbers were to my liking. The wedges had a much higher spin and the driver seemed to be the same as I would expect from a nice golf ball.

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Got the balls today
They feel and act like the PRO v1 I have been using with stickers, so far extremely happy!!
Thanks for doing this!

“Daddio” of